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Healing is a matter of time,but sometimes also a matter of opportunity~Hippocrates

Is Myofascial For You


Myofascial release is for EVERYONE! Anyone and everyone can benefit from myofascial release. 


Have you noticed decreased ease of movement?  (This is not part of the natural aging process.)

Do you have pain?

Decreased energy?

Changes in posture? Or changes in skeletal alignment?


Have you been to the doctor? Had medical tests? Been told that there is nothing wrong with you? What you are experiencing is REAL.  The fascial system can not be visualized with medical imaging at this time, including MRI'S, CT-scans or x-rays. 

Myofascial Release Can  Help !  If you are having discomfort or pain, in just one treatment, you will know if it is going to help.



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